About Us

Proud to be the area's only locally-owned newspaper, the Cleethorpes Chronicle is a small business committed to providing the best possible service for our customers and readers.

Joint owners Mark Webb and Nigel Lowther have more than 50 years of collective newspaper experience. Nigel was born and raised in Cleethorpes (a Meggie) and Mark has lived in the community for many years. Both have raised families in North East Lincolnshire.

They launched the newspaper in March 2008 and its success has been heralded nationally.

Behind it is a dedicated team determined to provide a quality product for its readers to enjoy and advertisers to benefit from.

They work from an office in the heart of the town they serve with a focus on what interests their readers.

The result is a newspaper packed full of well written stories and features.

For more details about Mark and Nigel, please view their LinkedIn profiles.

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